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yes, I am.

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Jun. 14th, 2006 | 02:47 am
mood: itchy

Well, Amber and I didn't go to the lake, for a few reasons, including the facts that she felt sick and our parents didn't really want us to go. I did very little today. I did watch the movie Proof, which was really good, even though I didn't appreciate how they skirted the mathematics.

I'm going to be getting the game Guitar Hero as soon as I can get somewhere that has it. Haircut tomorrow. And I may be working at the post office soon (part time, $10 per hour).

Recently, I've had an even stronger-than-normal desire to do something great, or something I'm proud of. I've been thinking about the areas of music (popular and art), physics, mathematics, even visual art. Maybe this summer I'll finally do it.

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